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Glerwash Windshield Cleaner

Car Glass Washer Fluid

New Glerwash windshield cleaner with shine of powerful boosters not only cleans dirt and dust bit also gives more times shine than regular cleaners across glass windshield, as well as put screen always scratch less.

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Glerwash Car Glass Washer Fluid
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Avoid Heating

When sun rays absorbs by a CCD, it is completely destroyed. The sun temperature rays instantly converted into lower energy, there is no in-between state where the photon is being constructed. It instantly pops existence. when car park anywhere, then, it does not seem to come from anywhere, So all sun rays heat absorb by particle and avoid heat entering inside the car hence dashboard and seat cover always seem in good condition due to direct heat entering causes dashboard and seat conditions get degrade, so due to particle uniform structure causes heat entering inside the car from front glass, we can easily avoid.


Increase Wiper Blade Life

Wiper blade are often caused by gritty dirt. But after using this fluid the dirt always on CCD so small blow can also clear the dust. Suppose anyone accidently turned on the wipers when it is not raining, then you reduce the risk of scratches if you accidently turn on the wipers. The smooth glass structure due to the CCD always helps wiper blade to move easily on whole glass, so after regular wipe of glass also the blade will remain in same empire state.


Bug Stopper

In rainy days or in winter days will leave moisture on the glass. Always the dirt particles attract moisture. The Glerwash always active to absorb excess moisture. But some time condensation happens when there is difference between the temperature and moisture level inside and outside the car. But using Glerwash the glass not affected or not easily dapt with any kind of whether it is always kept the glass in same form.


Water Repellent

The water repellent is coating added in fluid to keep the glass water repellent. It is used in fluid to prevent the outer surface of glass from becoming saturated with water. in many car washing technique. So glass get damaged many times from all this so, there using Glerwash water repellant property we can wash car without any front glass quality worry. And in case any wiper off or any reason the wiper stop to do the working so after that also no need to worry because due to water repellent no more water stop on surface of glass more than fraction of second. So after stopping wiper working will give clear view in rainy season.


Scratch Protection

The term of scratch proof and scratch protection is different, but used synonymously by automobile industry to promote there product. Scratch proof, if taken literally would mean that the glass is able to withstand any kind of absorption and not bear any scratches, however, it is impossible for manufactures to provide the kind of guarantee for car glass. Scratch resistance, on the other hand essentially means that the glass is able to withstand minor scratches. So, Glerwah is a way to prevent scratches on delicate surface this is possible by one type invisible coating structure created by crystal clear particle on the glass that shields it from damage.

Glerwash Windshield Cleaner with Shine of Powerful Boosters

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